How to install Codeblocks dark theme on Windows/Linux Free [15 themes]

Every passionate programmer uses dark mode on their IDE as Dark themes reduce the luminance emitted by device screens, while still meeting minimum color contrast ratios. The most important thing is, Dark theme reduces eye strain and facilitates screen use in dark environments which is a crying need for a passionate programmer. If you are a Code::blocks user and still searching for how to install codeblocks dark theme on windows / Linux then I am here to help you.

As you are searching for code blocks dark theme I think you know what code blocks is. If you are not familiar with Code::Blocks then the answer is for you. Code Blocks is one of the most used open-source IDE that supports multiple compilers including GCC, Clang, and Visual C++. CodeBlocks is developed in the C++ language.

How to install codeblocks dark theme

How to download and install CodeBlocks

If you haven’t installed Codeblocks yet to set up codeblocks theme like windows, then you can install it by following these simple steps. Steps to download and install Code Blocks:

  1. Go to CodeBlocks official website.
  2. Click on Download the binary release.
  3. Select a setup package depending on your platform. Download CodeBlocks installer with GCC Compiler eg: codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe for windows. Linux Installation Guide
    download codeblocks windows
  4. Run the downloaded installer.
  5. Accept the default options.

Available Codeblocks Themes

By default, CodeBlocks comes with only a light theme that most user doesn’t like. On CodeBlocks there is no option for changing the theme. However, we can change the code blocks theme manually. In this Theme Package, there are 15 popular codeblocks themes available. These are:

  1. Bright yellow
    Bright Yellow Codeblocks theme
  2. Dark gray
    Dark gray Code blocks theme
  3. Espresso Libre
    Espresso Libre CodeBlocks theme
  4. Idel
    Idel Codeblocks theme
  5. KFT2
    KFT2 Codeblocks color theme
  6. Modnokai Coffee
    Modnokai Coffee code blocks dark theme
  7. Modnokai Night Shift
    Modnokai Night Shift codeblocks dark theme
  8. Modnokai night Shift v2
    Modnokai Night Shift v2 CodeBlocks dark theme
  9. Oblivion
    Oblivion CodeBlock theme
  10. Slush and Poppies
    Slush and Poppies Code Blocks theme download
  11. Solarized Dark
    Solarized Dark theme codeblocks for windows
  12. Solarized Light
    Solarized Light theme codeblocks
  13. Son of Obsidian (my favorite)
    Son of Obsidian CodeBlocks Dark Theme
  14. Sublime
    Sublime CodeBlocks dark mode Theme
  15. Vim
    Vim CodeBlocks Dark theme windows

How to install Codeblocks dark theme

If you want to watch a video instead of the reading article to codeblocks dark theme download then here is a video for you.

Codeblocks themes download and Installing the dark theme on CodeBlocks is very easy. Anyone can do that. There is no rocket science to installing the Code Blocks color theme. Here are the simple steps to install Code Blocks dark theme:

  1. Download the Codeblocks theme from the link below.

  2. Extract the Rar file. You can use 7-zip to extract the file.


  3. Exit CodeBlocks if already opened.

  4. Click on the Start menu.

    Code::Blocks dark theme setup Start menu

    first of all, you need to click on the start menu.

  5. Open CB Share Config from the start menu

    CodeBlocks share config dark theme windows

    You can open CB Share Config in windows from the start menu code blocks folder. Linux/Ubuntu users Open CB Share Config using: $ cb_share_config.

  6. Run Locate.bat file

    Run Locate.bat codeblocks dark theme

    You can run the Locate.bat file from the extracted folder by double-clicking on it.

  7. Copy the file address.

    Copy the file address codeblocks dark mode

    From the upper address bar copy the file address. E.g. C:\Users\……..

  8. Click on the Destination configuration file “” sign Code::Blocks share config

    Destination configuration file

    On the right side of Code::Blocks share config, you can see a 3 dot sign (…). Click on it.

  9. Paste the copied address on the address bar and click the arrow sign.

    Paste Destination CodeBlocks configuration file address

    In step 7 you copied the file address. Paste it on the address bar and then click the arrow sign to go on next step.

  10. Select default.conf and click on open.

    Codeblocks dark mode Select default.conf

    Now you need to select the file named default.conf and then click on open

  11. Click on Source configuration file” sign Code::Blocks share config.

    how to turn on dark mode in code blocks Source configuration file

    On the left side of Code::Blocks share config, you can see the Source configuration file option with a 3 dot sign (). Click on it.

  12. Go to your extracted folder.

    Codeblocks Dark Theme go setup

    Now you need to go to the extracted folder.

  13. Select theme.conf & click open.

    codeblocks night theme Select theme.conf

    Now, you need to select theme.conf on the extracted folder and click on open.

  14. Check all the options on the left side.

    dark mode codeblocks Check all the options

    Now you need to check all the options one by one on the left side of Share Config.

  15. Click on Transfer & then click Yes >> Ok.

    night mode code blocks setup

    On the bottom left corner of the Code Blocks share config, you can see the Transfer >> option. Click on it and it will show a popup. Click on Yes >> Ok.

  16. Click on Save & then click Yes >> Ok.

    Dark mode codeblocks setting

    From the bottom of Code Blocks share config click on Save and then click on Yes >> Ok.

  17. Open CodeBlocks, go to Settings >> Editor…

    code blocks dark them setting

    Now you need to open code blocks from your computer and go to Settings. From the drop-down click on Editor…

  18. Click on Syntex highlighting.

    How to install code blocks dark theme setting

    From the left widget click on Syntex highlighting.

  19. Click and select Son of Obsidian & click Ok.

    how to install codeblocks dark theme son of Obsidian

    From the top Colour theme option, click and select Son of Obsidian & click Ok. You can select any of the themes but this is my favorite.

Congratulations! You have successfully done codeblocks themes download & installed the codeblocks color themes.

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FAQ about Code::Blocks

  1. Do code blocks have a dark theme?

    By default, Codeblocks doesn’t have any dark theme. CodeBlocks comes with a default light theme. But you can download codeblocks dark theme from the link I shared and can easily install it.

  2. How do I change my CodeBlock theme?

    By default, CodeBlock doesn’t allow to change of the theme as CodeBlocks comes with a default light theme. There is no option to change it but you can install codeblocks dark theme manually by following some easy steps. Then go to settings Editor > Syntex highlighting to change the CodeBlock theme.

  3. Is this dark theme original or cracked?

    This is the original dark theme for code blocks. It’s open source theme. No need to crack it. You are free to use the official codeblocks dark mode theme for windows and mac

  4. How do I enable dark theme in Code::Blocks?

    First of all, you need to download & install codeblocks dark theme manually. Then go to settings Editor > Syntex highlighting to change the CodeBlock theme.

Important Links

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I think you have already done Download codeblocks dark theme Linux / windows and are able to install codeblocks dark theme. If you have successfully installed code blocks dark theme on your Windows/Linux Computer write something in the comment below. Also if you failed to do that or want to know something else feel free to write it through comments which I always focus on. I love to hear back from my readers! And please do share it on social media so that your friends also get to know how to install code blocks color theme.

I am eagerly waiting for your valuable Feedback.

Happy Programming!

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